About the Library

Welcome to UC SYD Library!

One library – Four towns
The UCSYD Library has four departments. These are in Esbjerg,
Haderslev, Kolding and Aabenraa. You are free to borrow from and return to any department.

Opening hours

How do you start using the library?
The library staff are on hand to introduce library services.

Subject areas
The library's material has been specifically selected to support individual courses.

Study environment
The library is part of the institution's study environment.

Learning environment
The library supports the institution's learning environment.
The library staff provides instruction and guidance in the use of: 

  • search processes
  • search techniques
  • knowledge management
  • use of subject-specific databases

If you (or your group) have specific literature or data needs, please ask for personal guidance.
We can help you with the search process and search techniques, and we can show you how to select relevant web-based resources.

Borrowing rules
Your Danish Health Insurance card can be used as a library card.
The loan period is 30 days.
If you return material late, you will be charged a fine.

The library will only contact you through your UC SYD-mail.

The Library gives you access to electronic journals and other unabridged material.
Most of this material is in English.

Do you have questions? Is there anything you want clarified? Please do not hesitate to contact the library at any time.